About Us


Playa By Fire knows how to create atmosphere, we know a few things about Wood.  There is nothing more cozy then bellying up to a fire within your camp space with friends at the Burning Man Festival. Of course an essential part of having fire is Wood; there is no longer a need to haul wood into Black Rock City, we will deliver your Wood to you. 


We have been providing firewood for sale and other fire accessories for well over 14 months.   We do not sell tree-trimmed wood or diseased firewood; we sell premium dry aged Wood, this means you will receive good burning, high quality firewood; guaranteed to BURN! with nothing left but ash. All of our wood products are responsibly harvested from our own privately owned sustainable managed forest.


Our friendly staff will not only deliver Your Wood; but also stack & stroke your Wood. Let's face it, stroked Wood not only feels better but BURNS better.  We are licensed, insured, and OSHA compliant in just about every way that counts, then again we are Burners too; So Safety Third!!


"Our People, our Commitment to Service and our Top Quality Products are what set us apart from the rest!", says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of Playa By Fire.  "Nothing pleases me more then to see other Burners have their Wood Stroked and then BURN it down to mere ashes, the symbolism to this years Burning Man Festival, Rites of Passage is uncanny", continues ScottoBobScotto.


Place an order today and let us Give You Your Wood!!!