Playa By Fire is your complete supplier for boxed or stacked firewood delivered right to Theme Camp's doorstep. We carry a complete line of cured wood for both fuel and cooking. We sell real country firewood and mixed hardwoods; not the crap wood sold at your local convenience stores.  Our wood is guaranteed to BURN!!


The Playa & Fire go together like White on Rice or Shit on Stink; we are not just talking about Fire Spinning or large Scale Fire Art...Some of the best times within the gates of Black Rock City are found while sitting around a Burn Barrel or Fire Pit with a small gathering of friends.  There are so many things you need to bring and pack in your vehicle to survive & have fun at the Burning Man Festival; Fire Wood and a Burn Barrel get left in your driveway.  Playa By Fire takes that hassle and turns it into an instant party within your camp space.  We have a wide variety of Fire Pits, Burn Barrels, Caldrons and Chimenea's to choose from, and of course We Got Your Wood.!!


At Playa By Fire, we just don't have Big Wood, we also sell kiln-dried kindling to get your fire started quickly with little hassle; in-fact all of our premium wood is 1.6 yr aged and is guaranteed to BURN!! We promise that after a fire with our wood, there will be nothing left but ash.


As the top rated Firewood supplier in Northern Nevada in 2010, we humbly accepted the coveted TORCH Award for achieving the highest customer reviews and for offering the finest quality wood and service throughout the greater Reno metropolitan area. Place an order today and BURN one on us!!!!


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